25 June 2011

No Double Yellow Line Event

The amazingly and wonderfully talented Cindy Foote released her amazing EP/CD today at a beautiful event called "The Event!". NO DOUBLE YELLOW LINE is the most amazing cd on adoption! Each and everyone of the songs has been touching our hearts over the last week (thank you iTunes!), with each song being special to a different family member, which makes the cd even better for us! The event was amazing!

At one point they had all families in the process of adopting stand up so others could pray for us. The prayers could be felt and heard thru out the room! TRULY A BEAUTIFUL MOMENT!!

Cindy and Billy have brought home a beautiful girl from China, Ethiopia and now they are waiting to bring their beautiful Haitian daughter home! Thru their journeys God used their story to pen beautiful music that can go on to touch others and bless them in their journeys! For more on this cd visit their store.

Another one of our sweet friends and her hubby work for Ground to Cup Coffee and they launched their CarePoint with Children's Hope Chest to sponsor darling children from Warancha (Ethiopia). For a mere $34 a month your family can sponsor one of these children and be the hope they need. Sweet Willow drew a picture the very next day for us to send to Selamawit Bashe! If your family would like to sponsor one of these children and forego one night out at Red Robin visit the Ground To Cup team and they will set you up!

One of the beautiful parts of the evening was when the emphasis was placed on Orphan Care and how it does not always mean adoption and that orphan care comes in many forms, we just need to look around for orphans in our own community we can care for! So true. So often we hear "I LOVE that you are adopting, but that is not for us." So let's find the faces of the fatherless next door, at the store, at church and anywhere else we frequent!

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