11 July 2011

Why Ind*a?

"Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails."

Proverbs 19:21

When I (mom) was very young, I was at camp and I very clearly heard the Lord say that one day I would go to In*ia, Africa and Haiti...I didn't know it would take years to get the ball rolling!

Fast forward to about five years ago, a precious friend who worked for an adoption agency sent out an email asking for a family to please consider adopting this precious girl from Ind*a. As I looked into those darling eyes, my heart felt something I have never felt before, a huge longing and a huge gap. I forwarded the email on to my husband who said "find out more." At that time we just could.not.do.it. God closed doors and told us no. I never forgot her face or that feeling in my heart.

As we started the process to do domestic adoption, my heart still ached for a face across the seas. Hubby was adamant we would adopt from here, I smiled said ok but inside I cried and I cried out to the Lord. I asked the Lord to change my heart or to change his, because we were both quite set in our ways and I knew it would take an act of God to change either of us!

Fast forward again to summer of 2010 when our church announced a trip to Ind*a! I about came off the pew with excitement, hubby leaned over, looked me square in the eyes and said "your going, we will make it work, but you are going." I will save my trip for another post, but when I came back I printed out some pictures of some of the children I had worked with and framed them and put them on my desk with pictures of my biological children.

Little did I know that God would use those two pictures to move hubbies heart in a way I could never imagine. Like I said, I have prayed for years that God would change one of our hearts but I didn't know when or how! One night as we talked and prayed about stepping out and adopting again, he said "what if we adopt from Ind*a and from here because I know we have a child in India!?" I literally could not stop crying. He went on to tell me that waking up every day and seeing the pictures of those little children in my arms changed him in a way that HE never imagined.

So the journey began in June for our child 9,000 miles away. We pray over her/him every night and we ask that the Lord begin to prepare our hearts for her/him, and that He would begin to prepare her heart for us. We do not know if she has even been conceived yet, but the Lord does. We do not know what her given name is, but HE does. He knows exactly the time she will join our family. In our prayers we also pray for her family, we may never know their story but the Lord does, so we pray that one day they come to know the love of the Lord.

For heartbreaking statistics on Ind*a and why our heart breaks for the beautiful people of that country and nation click on the "Stats" tab at the top!

***Side note, the very next day after we had that wonderful "GO" conversation a sweet friend who works for an adoption agency sent me an email and told me the Lord had laid our family on her heart when she learned they would be adding India to their program list, yes, I wept with that awesome confirmation from the Lord!***

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