20 July 2011

One roundtrip ticket or two?

Deuteronomy 10:18 "He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing."

I LOVE this verse. I love it! It may appear frequently because it is one that is near and dear to the heart. Our great country was founded on immigrants but nowadays it seems most Americans have a sense of entitlement that we "own" our great country, they look at foreigners as those who do not belong here. GOD LOVES THEM and so should WE!

I digress, I am sitting here three days before we move into our new home. I should be packing, but I am not. I am sitting here with an aching heart that longs for India. A beautiful country with beautiful people and I long to go back. I long to see the precious faces again and one day when the Lord appoints I will see our precious daughter.

I never understood when I sat with and prayed with friends going thru the adoption progress...how can you ache for something you don't have? How can you long for something that isn't yours? The truth is, SHE IS OURS! We don't know her, we haven't met her but she is ours, but most importantly her Heavenly Father knows who she is and loves her and can't wait for her to come home.

I digress again, when we were in In*ia last year the sweet friend who led the group I traveled with began to roughly plan another trip. I was hooked and I did not even know the date! Time has passed and a few weeks ago he emailed the team that went to In*ia stating that we would be going back in February! SEVEN MONTHS FROM NOW!!! My heart lept for joy but sank at the thought that my husband would not see the beautiful land that held our daughter and the people who captivated my heart.

We talked about him going and he said he would pray about it, while he prayed I selfishly just assumed I would go. Not sure why I assumed, I just did. Monday he told me he feels led to go. I have gone, I got the experience, I fell in love, I should be estatic! And I AM!! I rejoice in my husbands adventure that awaits him!

Today, he asked me if we could both go. New fears. Where will our children go? We don't have family to keep them. Our friends have their own children! We are blesed by a wonderful community but THREE children is a huge burden to lay on someone else while their parents are 9,000 miles away! So now, we pray. We seek our Heavenly fathers face and plan and ask Him to make the path clear to us if we are both to go or only my husband. Countless people have walked up to us and said "I saw the church is going back, we would love to help with the children." Each time leaves me a bit more speechless! Will we buy one roundtrip ticket or two Lord?

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  1. Looking forward to meeting your husband. Tell him to leave his aggie gear at home ;)