06 August 2011

New Leaf

Isaiah 42:9 Behold, the former things have come to pass, And new things I declare; Before they spring forth I tell you of them.”

I am writing from a new setting, while I would love to say that two weeks out of our move I have completely unpacked and hosted lavish dinner parties, I can't! The truth is I have two boxes sitting in front of me (more in other rooms) and our sweet friends came the other day and ate hot dogs and canned green beans!

Our previous home was on the market last summer to no avail. God had more lessons in store for each of our hearts and those former things are no more! We are trying to prepare our home and hearts for our child and everyday we are a bit closer. Sweet Willow can't wait to make room for your clothes and dreams of playing and teaching you English. Everytime daddy prays "be with our child and begin to prepare their heart and our hearts" I cry.

Emory, talks to you as though you were sitting right there with her. I can't wait to hear you all giggling and playing sweetly together...and yes, even argue!

Willow the other day said "mommy I wished it didn't take this long to bring our new sister home" and the truth of the matter is, I AGREE!

The Lord has great things in store for our family while we wait, which means that the serpent will be lurking at every corner trying to steal the joy and rob us of fulfilling the Lords plans for our daughter and our family, so we pray and put on the full amor of God!

For now our family turns over a new leaf in a new beautiful home and we long to make memories in it with YOU in this God blessed journey!

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