29 August 2011

It's Out There and God is going to knock our socks off!

Proverbs 22:13 "the lazy person claims "there is a lion out there! If I go outside I might be killed."

These were the encouraging words my amazing husband text me this morning. I LOVE THAT MAN!

This blog was started quietly, something only our family (as in the immediate five of us!) knew about, it was originally started to document thoughts, feelings and the journey. The blessing bonus would be that one day our child would have something tangible to hold and read as to what led us to them. Our close friends knew what was happening in our lives and praying for our family, and excited to join the journey with us but we did not run around town telling everyone because we knew this would be a long journey (up to three years!). Even when we did tell everyone we were hesitent to give this blog out and to be out there on the internet for a lot of reasons. None of which I will touch on.

Last week the Lord stirred both of our hearts that we needed to tell, share, and trust HIM! For the ugly reasons we didn't want to be out there, we are trusting in the Lord to do miracious things in the hearts of others!

This morning I got up after hearing what the Lord had told both of us and tried to chicken out...hence why my amazing husband sent me this scripture. So I wont be lazy, I wont listen to the enemy, I will listen to the ONE who defends the cause of the fatherless and I will listen to my heavenly father and my amazing husband and step out of my comfort bubble and TELL!

With that being said, today it became "official" because it isn't official until it has been on facebook right?! HAHA

We are organizing a bake sale for October 1st...I simply asked that if anyone felt led to bake and donate to let us know. Pressing "share" my stomach went to the floor and I knew we were truly letting go and trusting God. Personal emails started coming in from people who said they would LOVE to bake for us, LOVE to pray from hundreds of miles away, and one even connected us with another family adopting from I*dia! I LOVE THIS! IT is such a new program that there are only a handful of us brave newbies...I love that we can come together and share this journey with others!

So now we press on preparing for the bake sale and trusting God to send us lots of hungry and thirsty people!

We know that God is going to knock our socks off during this journey to our beautiful brown eyed beauty! We can not wait to see what He does in our lives, and the lives of others!

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  1. Such an exciting journey you are beginning! God is going to do many miracles in your hearts and lives as you wait to meet your little one from India.