07 September 2011

Stepping forward

We spoke with the agency and sent in our inquiry form for this precious little boy last week. Ind*a is changing their adoption laws so we have to wait until October 1 to be able to get his medical records. The LORD knows the reason for this wait, and we are trusting in HIM and His goodness!

From there we have to officially be with their agency and pay their agency fees. When you do a traditional adoption, your agency fees are spread out over the course of your adoption (which for us would have been two years plus possible up to another year for travel) because "S" is a "waiting child" they are due within the next few weeks!
We have to submit our state homestudy. The h.s. will release his records for medical review...which we really plan to use for informational purpose and to be able to meet with surgeons to go over possible future surgeries. From there we must work on getting an international homestudy. These were all things we (again speaking in SELF not CHRIST!) had planned to have ready over the course of time, and then work on gathering the rest of our dossier paperwork. Once we have it finished, it will all go to India for acceptance. We have been told to prepare that it takes 9-12 months once India receives your dossier to approve it and approve travel. Which means from the day that I type this post we are looking at up to 15 months. Obviously it could take less or longer, but while we wait we long to give him hugs. We long to tell him he has a home. IF we have everything finalized by December/January we very well may receieve a wonderful Christmas present next year!!

15 months of knowing who this little boy is and knowing that he is sitting in an orphanage, rather than sitting in our arms.

We knew we were facing a wait of UP to 3 years (at the very longest) but honestly, this makes a mommas heart sad. I appreciate a sweet friends journey which is similar who has been waiting 21 months for ONE signature and them to release that paper for them to bring their daughter home.

God continues to give us peace that HE has paved a way to make this journey and we consider it a privledge to be able to take this time to learn how to pray for him during this wait and for when he comes home.

We are busy preparing for the bake sale October 1st so mark your calendars if you are local!


  1. aahhh...I believe that God loves your boldness in stepping out to follow His lead. I am just so excited for you all, and I'm praying that things will move more quickly than you think!

  2. You are in our prayers as well! :)

  3. Hi, so glad you found me! So happy to hear you are bringing home a son. What a sweet blessing!I'm looking forward to following your journey!

  4. Thank you, thank you everyone!
    Jeff and Trish - I emailed you just now!