20 September 2011

Wall Art

I was not born with crafty abilities. AT.ALL.

I got an idea to paint the US on one and India on the other, and to put a heart where we live and then when we got a refferal put a heart where our blessing lived. In July when I got the idea to paint canvas' I surprised myself most of all! Then I dragged my feet in fear they may not turn out okay. One day I found myself wandering aimlessly in Hobby Lobby and there, in the middle of the isle were 16 x 20 canvas' calling my name. I took them home and hoped for the best.

The paint lines show up in the pictures but when you are looking at them in person, they don't show up. After I took the pictures, we added a bright red heart where we are, and a bright red heart where "S" is, but since I am determined to blog under anonymity I didn't show bloggy land where any of us live. :)

These canvas' turned out better than I had hoped, so much so that since the boys room is a construction zone, I am going to paint construction trucks on canvas' for the boys room. Then for above their beds I plan to have a cement truck "pouring" one of their names, and a dump truck "dumping" the others name! Careful world, this crafty stuff has been fun!


  1. Fabulous job!! They look really great...and what a neat idea!! - T

  2. So impressed! I am NOT crafty at all, so I think you did incredible! :)