27 September 2011


Sorry I have not updated in a few days, we have been quite busy around here! This past Friday my husband took the day off so we could take part in a big deal event here in our community. Afterwards we decided to visit local business to see if we could leave our bake sale fliers with them for their customers (PRaise the Lord only two said no!) When Willow and I hopped back in the car from leaving fliers at one of the local businesses, hubby was on the phone...my phone. Odd I thought, who in the world would call me that would make him answer the phone?! It was our foster agency and they had a baby who was leaving NICU and six days old and they needed a home for him and he would be at our house in TWO hours.


It was a circus from that point on! We had nothing baby, NOTHING! A sweet friend of ours did and was gracious enough to let me raid her garage for all things infant while hubby and our children were waiting eagerly at our house in case baby came early!

EXACTLY two hours later baby came, we signed four gazillion peices of paper and two case workers left. It was surreal, truly. I told a friend, this is preparing us for our adoption. We have done all this work and will continue to do work and then we will travel to Ind#a, sign papers and S will be ours. WOW!

Our friend was being ordained that night so as we shut the front door we loaded up this darling little guy in our suburban and headed for an hour drive to our friends church. We sat on the back pew still in a whirlwind from the last few hours events and just gazed at this tiny baby. We were like a three ring circus on the back pew. Our kiddos were clammering to look at him, touch him, stare at him. They were so excited and it was hard to keep their excitment contained! Our friends may not speak to us again :).

The last few days we have been getting into a routinue. Yesterday was our first day of school and it went beautifully. We are not naive that this will not always be the case but wow it was great!

We have a court hearing next week that hubs will attend. Please pray for babies mom. Hubs is praying he can get just a few moments to talk to her and ask her if we can pray for her. We have been taking lots of pictures of baby and he plans to ask her if she would like them. We know she is loved by our heavnly father. I admit that my flesh gets angry but we all deserve to burn, none of us deserve grace but we are ALL the same regardless of our sins. We are all sinners and we all deserve to be treated the way our heavenly father treats and loves us. She is a broken woman who needs the Lord. Pray for her with us please. Please also pray the Lord would give hubs the right words. We by NO MEANS want to seem better than her, we just want her to know that we care about her, so does our heavenly father and that we are praying for her and that she is loved, worthy and has value.

If it is not the Lords will that baby go back to mom, please begin praying the Lord would prepare the most fabulous family to adopt him. They may not even know the Lord has adoption in their future but the Lord does!

Everyone has asked us if we are going to keep baby. No. We consider it a HUGE honor and blessing to be able to love on this little guy and give him a temporary home rather than a shelter until the Lord reveals his plan for this little guy. HUGE honor and blessing. It makes me even more grateful for the aunties who have been loving on our son 9,000 miles away for all of these years. I pray Gods abundent blessings on their heads, lives and families for being his family until the day the Lord brings him to our house.


  1. WOW!!!! You have been busy. I will be praying for you, and that precious little boy, and his mom. I literally just got home from the Prayer House, and while I was there was reading out of Watchman Nee's book, "A Normal Christian Worker." The chapter I read was, "Lover of Men." It is SO good. Here's the link to the book, it is free online, because of it not being in print anymore. :) It just reminds me of what you are saying about how much the Lord loves this woman! http://www.ntmu.net/NCWorker.html

  2. Wow! That's incredible...so glad that you could take this precious boy into your home. I'll be praying for him, for you and for his mom.