02 October 2011

Sugar and Spice

Psalm 119:171 "May my lips overflow with praise"

WHEW! What an amazing day yesterday was! It was two fold so expect two posts!

We want to give a shoutout to everyone who made this bakesale happen!

Our bake sale could not have happened first and foremost without the Lord! We are grateful we stepped out in obedience and did something we would not have done! We are grateful for all of our sweet friends who took their own time to make goodies for the sale! For our sweet friend who came and helped run the sale, her help was priceless! A sweet family friend of ours came to shop and then made the sweet offer of taking our children to the playground to play for a bit so they could have a break. Close to lunch time a family near and dear to our hearts whisked the girls away with their daughter to go have a burger and fries. The children were having a blast helping with the bakesale and "recruiting" drive by customers but they were grateful for the break!

It is amazing to see how our friends love our son already and how they support him. We are blessed beyond measure with friends who are our family!

Early Saturday morning a friend arrived to help us load up and set up and before we had even finished people started coming.

Aside from the occasional person who thought we were raising funds to a family pet, peoples encouragment was amazing. We met countless people who had been adopted from all around the world, people who had adopted both domestically and internationally and even another foster mom! Their stories were encouraging and amazing to hear and it was such a blessing to hear other strangers tell us to keep on and that they would be praying for our family.

To see strangers who did not even know our family stop to buy buttermilk pies, cheesecake, cupcakes, cookies, rice krispie treats, etc just to help S come home is humbling. My husband and I both said that all day long.

A few weeks earlier we printed a family photo of us with our website and information on it to mail to family and friends and to pass out at the bake sale, it is awesome to know that our journey went home with others and they will pray for us or share our story with another family.

All together $579.46 was donated at the bake sale!!! All the glory goes to God!


  1. Hooray! I'm so glad that it went well. It sounds like you had a good time, too!

  2. Woohooo! That is SWEET! :) Praise God...He is so good.